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Keith Garrison
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It's a reasonable assumption that most human features, attributes, qualities, physical and emotional, have specific, practical purposes contributing to the survival, sustenance and furtherance of the species, as is often contended to be the case with all living things. Even when the mind and spiritual aspects of human beings are acknowledged, giving them the status of  'higher beings', there remains at least one mysterious gift which appears to be God-given for his and our exclusive pleasure and praise. Human beings do not need it in order to survive. It serves no direct practical purpose and meets no essential need. Unlike birdsong, it is not a form of speech. In short, it is not necessary. But it has an importance almost as crucial as life itself. Is it a human attribute? It's not physically a part of us though it cannot properly exist without us. I believe we have been chosen and equipped to produce, express and share it, ultimately to praise in a way which gives pleasure to God and ourselves. In addition it enables us to use out talents, gifts and creativity to express every imaginable emotion in accompaniment to all aspects of our lives, In devastation, in ecstasy and at all points between..   I stop myself trying to imagine what life would be like without it because the first thought along that road is too painful to contemplate. If I’m ever unable to hear then it will still be present in my head and in my heart. It is the gift of music which, I believe is the passport to heaven and the closest I can envisage to being there while still on this earth. I can’t believe there is anyone who is not touched by music in one form or another. It’s God’s gift to everyone without reservation whatever their beliefs with nothing expected in return. The composer Hubert Parry who wrote the music for ‘Dear Lord and Father of Mankind’ and ‘Jerusalem’ has this on his gravestone “With his whole heart he sung songs and loved him that made him” I think those of us who believe music to be a God-given gift , have that imprinted on our hearts.

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