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Posted by birchingtonbaptist on October 3, 2013 at 4:35 AM Comments comments (3)

'Storehouse' at Birchington Baptist Church

Just over a year ago, we launched something we called 'Storehouse', a foodbank.

The idea is simple - sometimes in life we all need a helping hand, or we know someone who does. So, if someone needs food or basic provisions, we would like to help. Simple as that.

Everyone who comes does so by recommendation or referral from a local person who knows they have a genuine need – school, support officer, doctors or recognised organisation. There is no obligation laid on them – they won't be forced to come to church or anything like that! We simply want to bless them and help them. Of course we would love to be able to get to know these folk and share more of the love of Jesus, but that is not a condition. Ever.

We began with a belief that there is a need, even if, in Birchington, it might be a bit below the surface. And we were right. At first the uptake was slow, but at present we are helping people every week.

Initially, we were looking to cover Birchington, Acol, Minster and the 'Birchington end' of Westgate, but we have had referrals of individuals and families from all over Thanet, and we expect the need to grow. We are also able to do small packs for the homeless who drop into a church in Margate.

Despite what some national leaders may say, there is a real need and people in real distress. We reject the idea that the need has developed because foodbanks operate, it has clearly been the other way around in our experience. We take seriously the command of Jesus to care for our neighbour, and this is one small way we can do that.

Churches and individuals in Birchington have been very generous in supporting this. They have collected tins and dry goods, and one has recently made it the focus of the Harvest gifts. Financial donations have enable us to set up a voucher system with the local butchers (R C Wales), and village grocers (Monty's) to get fresh meat, fruit and veg into people hands. One lady said her family had not had fresh fruit for ages. God is good.

You may be part of a group or organisation in Thanet, and you know of people who could benefit from this. Please contact us on 01843 845400 to talk it over.





HARVEST - Sunday 6th October

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HARVEST 2013 - This Sunday 6th October

Our theme for Harvest this year is 'Bring and share'. We will be enacting this in a number of ways.

Our morning service (10.30am) is a family service around the theme of sharing. We will be receiving Harvest gifts of tinned and packet goods, which will go to stock up our Storehouse foodbank. More of that in the Storehouse post. Any cash in the offering will being going to support the Open Doors project to Save Syria (see

In the afternoon (from 5pm) we have a bring and share tea, followed by an informal cafe church style service. Everyone is welcome, and there will be stuff for the kids to do and sing along to.

Both services will be at our Station Road church.

We hope it will be a day of celebration, but also of bringing some of what we have to share with others - those eating with us, those less fortunate in Birchington and Thanet and those many miles away in Syria.

Why not come and celebrate? Bring and share.


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Hi folks Here are our Easter services for 2013. Join us if you are able, you will be very welcome.

Maundy Thursday

7.30pm - Tenebrae Communion. Tenebrae means 'darkness' or 'shadow'. We follow Jesus into the shadows of His arrest and trial.

Good Friday

10.00am - Reflective worship. A short service with songs and images. Followed by Birchington Churches service [Village centre 11am]

Easter Sunday

10.30am - RISEN! A 'family friendly' celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

6.30pm - Baptism. A number of folk will witness to their faith in Jesus by being baptised 'by full immersion'. A moving, dramatic act.

All services, except the baptisms, will be at our Station Road Church

Cinderella - family pantomine

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The excellent Saltmine Theatre crew are back at BBC for the fourth year running. This year the pantomine is Cinderella, new for 2012.

'The Prince is throwing the first ever Christmas Ball, and the whole kingdom will be there.  Ella has read the invitation over and over again, but she knows her family will never let her go; and anyway, she doesn't even have a dress.

You too are invited to attend the Prince's ball, and see Cinderella's fairytale told in ways you've never seen before.'

It's on for two nights, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th December, both starting at 7pm. Tickets are just £5.

Contact Derek or Debbie Allardyce on 01843 843622.

There are only 130 seats per performance, and well over half have gone already - so get in quick.

Harvest of talents

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This Harvest we are going to be celebrating all the 'good things around us' as the hymn puts it.Over the weekend of 6th and 7th of October we will be looking at the gifts and talents within our church family.

On the Saturday, the church will be open, and we plan to have displays (and hopefully some workshops) for you to come in and enjoy. I suspect there will also be refreshments - so if your gift is making cakes....praise the Lord!

So we are looking for you to come forward with your gifts, talents or hobbies...and I know they were there. Now is not a time to be shy, and with an open door, who knows who might see what you have created. That gift is a signature of the creator God on your life....don't hide it.

On the Sunday evening we will have a chance to give thanks for other sorts of gifts, a faith tea and a sort of 'open mike' style of service, so if you play an instrument, do recitations, write poetry, juggle ferrets etc...then this will be the place to be. The idea is to thank God for good gifts and to have fun.

Contact Bob if you wish to take part in any way.


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The 'Introductory supper' is on the evening of Thursday 6th September at 7.30pm.

It's very much a 'taste and see' opportunity (literally, as we will have a simple meal together!), with an introduction to the course, and the option to continue if you wish to.

We will use both of our sites during the course, and each evening will begin at Crescent Road for a meal.

The Alpha Course is a tried and tested way to consider the basics of the Christian faith, using video, discussion, and food! It's very informal, and you can join in as much - or as little - as you feel comfortable with. If, at any time, you decide it's not for you, that's understood, and we will not chase you in any way.

Call Shirley on 01843 845400 if you want any further details, or fill in the 'contact' bit on this site and we will be in touch.

Alpha course

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We are planning to run an Alpha course in the Autumn. It will be on Thursday evenings from September through to the end of November.

If you would be interested in checking it out, call Shirley on 01843 845400

Sermons online

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As from this week, it will be possible (should you want to do such a thing!), to listen to, and download our Sunday  sermons. Nigel Hadley has kindly set it up for us, and the mp3 files can be found at

Our prayer is that God will use these to bless you and bring glory to Him.


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This Saturday (2nd June) we are joining with other churches in Birchington as part of a Jubilee trail. All Saints, St Thomas's and ourselves have events (and food) during the day...and all free.

We are turning the church into Memory Lane for the day - from 10am to 4pm. Folk have looked out all sorts of stuff from the past 60years...and beyond. Books, memorabilia, toys, games and so on, all for us to have fun with.

We are setting up a number of mini 'tabletop' shops - a seets shop, grocers, museum, toy shop etc. A means to display stuff and you to have fun...we hope.

Oh yes and Debbie Allardyce will be there to diplay art and to let you have a go.

And, oh yes, the Old Village Cinema Tearoom' will be open for one day with yummy cakes and a cuppa.

And oh yes again, one of our guys will be there with his professional video camera so that you can record a Jubilee memory or message...become a part of history.

It gets better, we have obtained some specially printed Diamond Jubilee copies of the New Testament, and we would like to give you one...with blessings from the local churches.

I mean, what have you got to lose?

Easter 2012

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Hi folks.

Why not join us for one (or more) of our Easter services? You'd be very welcome.

MaundyThursday              [5th April]

7.30pm              Reflective communion

Good Friday                          [6thApril]

10.00am            ‘Price tag’

11.00am            Birchington Joint Service at the Village Centre

Easter Sunday                     [8thApril]

10.30am            All-age family service

6.30pm              Easter Praise